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An Integrative History of Medicine
Emory C. Wilder, M.D.

FRIDAY, April 10th, 2020,  6 – 8 pm

Live via Zoom Video meeting.

Open to the public!

The class counts as practicum hours for students.

Massage, herbal medicine, midwifery, and yoga were all once punishable by death. Today, health and health care in the US ranks among the worst in the industrialized world while medical profits continue to climb. Holistic practices remain marginalized. Why? The intertwined histories of Western and holistic medicine reverberate through modern culture. This presentation will explore the revolutionary potential of authentic integrative medicine.

• Empiricism and Rationalism
• Ancient Medicine
• Burning the Witches
• Scientific Enlightenment
• Medical Heresies
• Healthy Health Care

Cost: $25 (includes class recording & supplemental materials)

You will receive a Zoom link and password after registering for the class.

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