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300-Hour Holistic Nutrition Program

The 300-Hour Nutrition Therapy Certificate program is a solid foundational program that prepares you to work with family, friends, communities, and clients as a Professional Holistic Nutrition Therapist.

This 6 – 12 month program will take you on a journey learning about nutritional sciences and pathophysiological connections, as well as challenging food paradigms and teaching a well-rounded approach including mental and emotional connections with eating, all the while cooking, having fun, and integrating recipes and plans to personally and professionally ignite a creative approach to your daily, food practices.

This program is appropriate for:

1) Healing arts practitioners looking to offer Nutrition Therapy sessions to their clients in order to address the root causes of many conditions.

2) Those interested in entering the healing arts world, those that are drawn to cooking and nutrition, and possibly wanting to offer Nutrition Therapy sessions to future clients.

3) The community, for anyone hoping to bring more Nutritional awareness, thoughtfulness, and fun to their own wellness and to their family’s well-being.


Our curriculum includes classroom instruction in: Pathophysiology, Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Supplements, Diet Trends, Food Journaling, Nutrient Assimilation, Mindful Eating, Hormones, Life Cycles, Meal Planning and Prep, Cooking, Food Label Awareness, Inflammatory Foods, Weight Management, Client Consultations, Immune and Auto-Immune Conditions, Case Studies, Client Consultations, and so much more!!..to conclude with a Potluck Party and Presentations!

A truly well-rounded, comprehensive program to begin what we hope will be a life-long journey into the wondrous world of food medicine, health, and vitality.

We are truly teaching: Food as Self-Love, Food as Family Connection, and Food as Humanity Healing.

Division of Program Hours:

PART I:  Pathophysiology: 100 hours
PART II:  Nutrition: 150 Hours
PART III:  Practicum: 50 Hours

Part I: Pathophysiology (100 Hours)

  • Pathophysiology is the study of disease systems & the body systems.
  • This course meets 2 Tuesdays nights per month for 6 months on Zoom (5:30p – 7:30p)
  • Flex option available for this course

Part II: Nutrition (150 Hours)

  • Formal study of Nutritional Medicine, delving into the essentials of macronutrients, micronutrients, our body systems, and how many root causes of diseases have their beginnings in the foods we do or do not eat.
  • Learning to heal our bodies and minds with nutritional awareness.

Part III: Practicum (50 Hours)

  • At-home curriculum created by the school to guide you deeper into your nutritional knowledge & practice
  • Elective Classes: We have an array of affordable, elective classes regarding subjects that are not covered in the regular curriculum. These elective hours can count towards the practicum hour requirement.

Occupational Objective: The program is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and experience necessary to attain an entry-level position as a Nutritionist at a wellness center, natural health store, apothecary and the like, as well as starting a Professional Nutritionist Practice. In addition, this program is designed for current healing arts professionals that would like to add Nutritional Consulting to their professional offerings.